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We are a UK based company who specialise in implementing website tracking and marketing automation tools.

We offer marketers a complete set of tools to understand their customers' and prospects' online behaviour.

Everything you need, all in one place: website visitor tracking; marketing automation; email marketing; social campaigns; inbound marketing; lead management; lead nurturing; lead scoring; and integration with your CRM.

More sales leads; less work; measurable results.


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Convert more of your website visitors into customers.

Marketing Automation provides a complete closed-loop system for multi-channel lead generation, management, and revenue contribution. With Act-On you can transform every touch point into a marketing opportunity. With an amazingly easy-to-use interface and a database that automatically consolidates, profiles and segments your marketing data, the Act-On platform lets you focus on the big picture without getting caught up in the chaos of multiple marketing tools. Click here to learn more

Act-On - Automated Programs 

Automated Programs

The most effective marketing automation deployments include Act-On's automated programs and are a great way to replicate your most successful marketing campaigns and have them running 24x7 on auto-pilot. Use Act-On to create marketing programs that embody best practices... [read more]

opening quotesIn the first 2 months, we  have already realized a 49% increase in monthly lead flow and a 68% decrease in cost per lead; without having to add any staff.closing quotes - Jon Cordeau, Director of Marketing, RME

Act-On Datasheet List Management

List Management

Act-On makes it easier than ever for you to assemble, consolidate, and manage all of your customer and prospect lists for your marketing campaigns. The key to effective email campaigns begins with clean data and careful list selection...[read more]

Act-On Datasheet - Events and Webinars

Effective webinars and online events

Events and webinars give marketers a valuable tool for establishing thought leadership, demonstrating product benefits, teaching best practices, and qualifying a prospect's readiness... [read more]

Act-On - CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

When Act-On's marketing automation technology and customer relationship management technology are integrated, real-time, actionable intelligence is the result... [read more]

Act-On - Email Marketing 

Email Marketing
Whether you are just getting started with email marketing or you are looking to upgrade your lead generation programs with advanced techniques like lead nurturing and lead scoring, the Act-On Marketing Service offers a straightforward way to get it done... [read more]

Act-On Datasheet - Social Media

Make the Most of Social Media

Act-On's Social Media Prospector represents an innovative approach to using Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to engage in social media conversations that are pertinent to your company and industry. Our Twitter prospector uses advanced search technology... [read more]

opening quotesProspectvision has been instrumental in securing three deals with an overall gross profit of $30,000 ... it's a salesman's dream, knowing the person you are calling is already interested in what you have to say!closing quotes - Michael Burke, CEO, Purpose Software

Act-On - Datasheet - Website Visitor Tracking

Generate Leads with Website Visitor Tracking

Act-On's Website Visitor Tracking provides real time customer intelligence so that your sales and marketing teams can see exactly who is visiting your site and where they came from... [read more]

Act-On Datasheet - Forms and Landing Pages

Forms and Landing Pages

Whether you are just getting started with e-mail marketing, forms and landing pages, or you are looking to upgrade your lead generation programs, the Act-On Marketing Service offers a straightforward way to get it done... [read more]